Kingsdown Brynnwood Plush Clearance


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Exceptional Mattresses with Cooling Comfort and Quality Others Can Only Dream about. Since 1904, Kingsdown has been synonymous with the finest quality mattresses available. Made in North America. Undeniable Comfort. Over 115 Years of Comfort.

Silk/Wool Fiber - Soft natural fibers wick away moisture and regulate body temperature. 

 Cotton - Breathable, soft cotton for healthy sleep.

Plush Foam - Reduces pressure points while maintaining firm support.

 Posturized Center Support - Provides increased support and proper alignment of your spine.

 Full Body Surround - Edge support system on all sides provides an edge-to-edge sleeping surface.

 Patented Motion Separation Foam - Isolates partner's movement to provide the best in undisturbed sleep. 

 Gel Quilt Foam - Cooling resilient foam provides pressure relief support. 

 Latex - Resilient latex enhances pressure relief and maximizes support. 

904 Coil Density

14.5" Height

10 Year Warranty



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